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 History of   WTW Reloading Shot Shells

The birth of Windjammer Tournament Wads began with the deep down passion of guns and target shooting drove the now, late Mr. J.W. (Bill) Jackson into reloading to afford a rich man’s hobby. Mr. Jackson conceptualized his improved shot gun wad from his home in the mid 70’s. His expertise in reloading, shot dynamics and shot patterns directed his creative ability.

The long journey of product development began with constructing one single cavity mold. With this mold, Mr. Jackson was able to prove his theories on improving the plastic wad. During the course of next several years, the design was modified numerous times based on reloading observations, experiments and his favorite part, test firing. Armed with good results, his attention quickly turned to researching plastic resins. To narrow his search, he researched flexible, yet tough resins, which would hold up to the extreme pressure and heat generated by the igniting powder. During this phase, countless hours were spent working with resin suppliers in order to find the perfect resin. Based upon the test results, many materials were quickly dropped from consideration. The addition of two special additives to his preferred material provided the missing links. Finally, satisfied with the product, he filed for his Patent and was granted Patent Number 4151799 on May 1, 1979.

In September 1985, J.W. Jackson teamed with business partner R.C. Loveland and formed a new company known as Windjammer Tournament Wads, Inc. They quickly contracted molding, packaging and warehousing to a supplier in Englewood, CO. They continued to market their product with great success over the next several years. As machine capacity became an issue in 1994, they opted to outsource the manufacturing to Altratek Plastics, Inc., where your premium product is produced today.